Integrating Knowledge and Science indicators (Kientometrics) towards a rational framework of investigations: A comparative approach

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This paper is to depict on a framework for maximum approximation of science and knowledge indicators with development indicators. To this end, it is strived to articulate interaction between science and knowledge
indicators and their interoperability with development indicators to achieve in synergizing spade within which knowledge and science is leverage to solve social and environmental issues and any evaluation
of science and knowledge is related to developmental goals. The term “Kientometrics” is introduced here to conceptualize the objectives of this interoperation. Findings of this research will contribute scientometrics
community with a conceptual framework which has been examined in real world. Such an approach to metric-based studies on science not only will improve the effectiveness of this kind of investigations, but also will attract attentions from executive and decision making community to them as well

Dr.Mohammad Hasanzadeh

PHD:Tarbiat modarres University


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